Have a break this Summer with my done-for you Summer Visibility Package!

Summer Visibility Package


  • Every summer do you promise yourself a holiday from your business?
  • But after a day, maybe 2, you find yourself sneaking onto the laptop, doing things you’d forgotten about – and you struggle to switch off.
  • You feel conscious that September will be busy and you need to get ahead – OR leads may have dried up as you’ve not been as visible.
  • You might be worried that you’ll be behind before you even *start* work again.

I can help.

How it works:


⭐ Book Your Call!

We’ll have a Planning Call so I can tailor the package to work for your business. We’ll talk about when you’ll be taking time off and what your current focus is.

⭐ I’ll Prep Your Posts!

I’ll gather all your amazing past posts and testimonials from your platforms or where you have them stored and make you a wonderful Content Library.

⭐ The Magic Begins!

 I will schedule up to 4 weeks of posts (1 per weekday) across up to 3 of your platforms on dates to be agreed over July/August – leaving you free to go on holiday, work on your tan and do day trips to Skegness during the (hopefully) Sunny Season.

❌ No faffing

❌ No guilt about ‘Not Posting’ while you are ‘Off’

❌ No laptop by the pool this year!

Stay Visible this Summer – and unglue yourself from your phone!

Buy using the link below and we can get started!

Louise showed me how easy it was to create a skeleton content library that was quick to navigate.

We had a good chat about how often I had been posting and how we could mix up the sorts of content I wanted to share to keep it fresh and engaging.

Through sharing her screen, she was able to teach me in an easy step-by-step manner.

She demonstrated how simple it was to access saved images and ideas from my computer onto the Trello board.

Using the calendar function was a great way of seeing what I wanted to post over the course of a whole month! Now that I know how to re-purpose and re-schedule it all, it will save me huge amounts of time!

Sarah Marise