28 Day Content Plan in 60 Minutes

Set Up Your £99 Thing Like a Productivity Master

⭐ Do you find bookings for your £99 thing a struggle?

⭐ Would you love everything to just *flow* behind the scenes?

⭐ Do you miss bookings as you’re playing email ping pong finding a time?

⭐ Are you finding yourself doing some of the time-consuming steps manually?

Let me help you

Spend an hour with me and I’ll work with you to set up your £99 thing (or other booking system) so it flows beautifully.

Imgaine this:

Your client will pay, get your Zoom (or other conferencing software) link and receive reminders about your appointment.

You can collect all the information that you need from your client prior to your meeting.

Their details will go into your email marketing system and your Trello board or  CRM too if you like!

 How it works:

🌟 We’ll look at how your £99 thing currently ‘flows’

🌟Before our hour, you’ll open the correct techy accounts so we can optimise our hour together

🌟 Through screensharing, we’ll link together the tech so you can take bookings and get paid while you sleep, enjoy your Sunday dinner and go bungee jumping!

All your followers will need is ONE LINK!!!

You will leave feeling:

✅ Calmer

✅ More organised

✅ In control.

And with a fully functioning booking system!


I had a fabulous power hour with Louise where she helped me to integrate Calendly, Trello and Mailerlite (using Zapier) to save me hours of time of faffing and getting annoyed! She is so good at explaining at things and made sure we did everything I needed in the session, and she even sent me the recording so I can go back and rewatch whenever I need to!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louise! Her knowledge and patience made me feel so comfortable and I knew I was in the best hands to help me! Thank you Louise!!

Carrie Cronin