Learn how to use Trello as a Productivity too. Learn strategies to help your business run smoothly

Save Time and Organise Your Business Online

This programme will help you to:

☑️ Plan your tasks and organise them across your week so you feel less overwhelmed and organised.

☑️ Get your content files organised, so you don’t spend all your time creating and posting on Social Media.

☑️ Onboard new clients systematically and easily.

☑️ Become organised and clear up all those notes and bits of paper around your desk – and breathe a huge sigh of relief!

☑️ Delegate quickly and easily, keeping communication task-based and cutting out the need for ’email ping-pong’.


Want an effective, flexible and – dare I say it – enjoyable way to be fabulously productive and awesomely organised in your business?


With Trello, you can…

✅Keep on top of your tasks and deadlines

✅Manage client work and information

✅Plan and Organise your social media

✅Save time and get more done!


Why you should take part in the Trello 3-Day Mini-Mind:

✅ You will see the wide range of uses for Trello in your life and business.

✅ You will learn directly from an expert (that’s me 😉) how to make the most of the fabulous Trello features.

✅ You will gain FREE access to my Weekly Planner and Social Media Planner Templates.

✅ You will discover all my favourite time-saving Trello shortcuts, tips and tricks.

 After just 3 days, you will…

 ✅Have set up your Trello account ready for success

✅ Know how you can use Trello to save hours every week

✅ Feel confident using Trello to plan your week productively

✅ Be ready to use Trello to organise your social media

How the 3-Day Trello Mini-Mind works

➡️Each day there will be a training video with short tasks for you to complete

➡️You will also have access to my free library of resources

You get lifetime access to the videos and resources.

All for just £27.

The Trello Mini-Mind is for you if you are ready for a simple but effective way to keep you and your business organised.

Whether you’ve never heard of Trello or you just don’t know how to make the most of it, come along and see what a game-changer it is for your productivity!

Overview of Programme

Day 1: Trello Tour/Making an Index

Day 2: Time Blocking and Using Trello to Plan Weekly

Day 3: Scheduling and Planning Social Media using Trello / Recycling Content


Trello Glossary

Keyboard Shortcuts

How it works:

📁 Lifetime access to bite size videos – organised in easy to follow modules that you can do at your own pace

📁 Helpful PDFs and Shortcuts to enhance your learning

📁 Tips, Tricks and Templates


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Louise’s Trello Programme has absolutely transformed the way I organise my business material and also my personal admin.

I can honestly say it’s been a game-changer for me. For many years, I’ve struggled with having stacks of foil-blocked and very tantalising notebooks adorning my workspace, scribbled with ideas, thoughts, frameworks, quotes, doodles, notes, all lost within the pages never to be found again (or too painful to try to find). I’m quite a systematic person but this is one area I hadn’t mastered until Louise came along with her excellent training in Trello.

During the course, as well as an in-depth understanding of Trello, she also shares best practice tips and tricks for running your schedules in the most time-efficient and easy way. The course itself is brilliantly structured 

It really is one of the best ‘how to’ course structures I’ve ever attended. Thank you Louise for your warmth, funny banter and excellence in teaching and using Trello.

Donna Churchman