Plan, Organise and Outsource

Did you create your business so you could do the thing that you love, but you find yourself getting bogged down with the day to day running instead?

Do you find yourself working evenings and weekends, with work creeping into your family time?

Would you love to delegate some of the itty bitty tasks but have no idea where to start?

Let me help you.

My monthly package means that you can get organised AND outsource the parts of your business that, quite frankly, you don’t love!

You’ll have more time to work on your goals and ON your business, rather than chasing your tail working IN your business.

Running around in circles, flitting from task to task can be a thing of the past!

 Are You:

⭐A business owner without a team?

⭐Creative, spontaneous and full of amazing ideas?

⭐Keen to grow your business?

How It Works:

The monthly package gives you:

✔️One 30 minute planning meeting per month where we get clear on your goals for the month and the steps necessary to get there

✔️ A Weekly Accountability Designated Check In Day

✔️Up to 10 hours of Done For You Support

✔️Communication via Voxer/Business WhatsApp, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

This Is For You If:

📒You’d love to spend LESS time doing admin and MORE time with your family

📒You regularly fight with tech and want someone who knows how to get it done right

📒You’re ready to take your business to the next level.

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Not sure what you could outsource?

Read this helpful PDF for inspiration.

I hired Louise to help me run my 5-Day Content Writing Challenge and because I needed someone who could do some tasks I did not have time to do.

She is a wonder!

We met to lay out the best ways to work together and sorted through what I needed most.

Since then, she’s helped me with research and proofreading and has done a wonderful job. Reach out to her if you need support to run your business.

Louise is awesome. I tell her my problem, and she just says ‘Shall I sort that for you?’ And does. Great to work with, and nothing is too much trouble. I’ll be using Louise moving forward, for all my admin bits and pieces.

Louise has helped me enormously with my business. She’s been a positive presence and taken on a variety of tasks that allowed me to grow my business. It’s such a relief to know I can count on her. She is proactive and reaches out to ask if a task needs to be done before I even think to ask her! She does what she says she’ll do. She has a positive attitude, and I enjoy working with her so much.