Don't Eat The Frog Masterclass

✅ Do you end each day, wondering what you actually achieved?

✅ Do you struggle to plan for each day/week/month so that all the necessary tasks are accounted for?

✅Do you feel like there just isn’t enough time in the working day?

✅Do you feel embarrassed, ashamed and alone in feeling unorganised?

✅Does the generic ‘Productivity Advice’ feel complicated, and unachievable?

Join me for an hour-long Masterclass on December 2nd at 1pm on Zoom.

We’ll look at how to eradicate the distractions and get down to work, giving you more time to do the things that you love.

You’ll leave with a weekly plan that you can use, maximising your time and allowing you to grow your business.

Past participants have said:

“WOW, I have now realised I have 3 HOURS free in a morning to work before lunch! I can get loads done in that time!”

“I don’t have to do the jobs I hate first?? I can do the work that I love??”

Your morning routine doesn’t have to start with yoga, positive affirmations, green juice and an hour of mediation (unless you want it to!) Let me teach you how to get straight down to work, without getting distracted, faffing about and flitting from task to task.