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I have been following Louise on Instagram for a while because she has these awesome productivity and Trello tips.
I signed up to her Mastermind because I struggle with planning and procrastination, particularly when it comes to social media or tasks I don’t really like. I can make beautiful plans and systems but sticking to them is another thing entirely as I tend to rebel against my own instructions!
What I love about Louise is that she works within what you are already doing and your natural tendencies… to give you small actionable steps that actually make a big accumalative difference.
She made me realise that actually I already had a lot of good practice in place (instead of being the hot mess I thought I was) it just needed bringing together, organising and instead of fighting against how my brain works to use it to my advantage.
She had some really useful advice on how to avoid falling down the socila media rabbit hole while still showing up for your audience!
She is also one of the loveliest, friendliest people you could ever meet. I can highly recommend any of Louise’s training if you are wanting to get more organised and be more productive in your business.
Sally Tyson