Black Friday Bundle

This is for you if:


➡️You wing every day in your business, not planning or prioritising tasks.


➡️The thought of taking time off feels impossible.


➡️You spend every night glued to your laptop, peering over the top attempting to watch the latest series on Netflix!


➡️ Your entire business is stored in your head, across various notebooks or on the back of an envelope

What’s Included:


👉 A FULL YEAR of Group Accountability in my Unstoppable Membership (worth £348)

👉 Week Long Productivity Intensive (with lifetime access – worth £247)

👉90 Minute Live January Planning Workshop (worth £90)


👉Trello Mini-Course (worth £27)

👉 Bundle of Trello Templates (worth £47)

👉 Resource Library (worth £27)








What Others Say

Can’t tell you what an amazing support Louise’s membership has been to me this year… If you are looking for an amazing business cheering squad, accountability, support and friendship then look no further
If, on the other hand, you are just curious about how Trello can help you be more organised, more productive and even remember when to frontline the cat, then join the Trello 3 Day Mini Mastermind.
I’ll be there as I get it as part of the membership. And even though I think I am pretty Trello savvy, I ALWAYS learn something new from Lou.

First, I had a power hour with Louise to maximise Trello as my business management system. I’d used it in corporate for years but Louise knows a million more things that Trello can do. It works so much better for my small business now, and I enjoy it more!

Then, as my own business grew, Louise created automations with emails, calendars, memberships… I can come up with my ideas and Louise magically puts the systems in place.

Huge thanks for everything Louise! 💛🧡

Louise is incredibly knowledgable, patient and motivating. She nudges you when you need it and is always happy to investigate different options to suit each client’s own business and circumstances.

I have worked in her group programmes and had one-to-one coaching and can 💯 recommend working with her.

I needed some help learning about Trello to support my business and Louise came highly recommended.

I’ve just completed Louise’s Trello Training and I’ve learnt so much. It’s really given me the foundations to make Trello work for me, with some advanced features supplied ready for when the time comes to expand on what Trello can do for me.

This has been a massive help, thank you Louise.



Available to the First Five People Who Join!


✔️ 7 days of Voxer Support (Worth £199)

✔️ Goal Setting Trello Template (Worth £27)

✔️ 30 Minute 1:1 (Worth £75)

Hi, I’m Louise!

Back in 2013 when I started my own business:

🙋🏼‍♀️ My days were unstructured

🤦‍♀️ I didn’t plan

🤭 Everything was on scraps of paper or hidden in a sea of notebooks

🤔 I would procrastinate, as I didn’t know where to start

Until I decided enough was enough and I worked out a better way.

I’m passionate about helping you become more productive in your business, freeing up BIG chunks of time so you can get those creative juices flowing.

I love working with business owners who don’t like to follow ‘The Rules’.

You have lots of great ideas, but these distract you from getting your work done, as your lightbulb moments are just going ‘Ping! Ping! Ping!’

I assist you in calming your mental clutter and help you take back control so you can grow your business and Get Stuff Done!!