Trello Power Ups are great for giving your boards a bit of a ‘boost’ and making your business systems even easier.

Use Power Ups to Connect Apps to Your Trello Board

Using Power Ups to connect other apps to your Trello Boards can help you run your business more efficiently. 

Fortunately, adding them in is a really easy process. Simply click ‘Power Ups’ at the top right of your Board and Enable it when prompted. It will add the Power Up to just that particular Board. Then, depending on the app you are connecting, you may need to authenticate by following the steps when prompted. 

There is now no limit as to how many Power Ups you can have on a Board on the free account. But my top advice would be to choose wisely and not go crazy at first. This will allow you to get to know each Power Up and make the most of it before adding the next one.

Here’s some of my 5 Favourite Trello Power Ups:


By enabling the Slack Power Up, you can add a Trello card to a Slack conversation. Any changes that occur in a Trello Card will also show up in the relevant Slack channel.

You can also create a new card directly from a Slack Channel without needing to go into Trello to create it and then attach.

Calendar Power Up

Adding the Calendar Power Up means that you can see all the due dates on that board at a glance.

Connecting your Trello board(s) to your external calendar also allows you to see all your due dates at a glance. I prefer the Power Up ‘Cronofy‘ for this thuogh as it seems to sync a lot better.

Card Snooze

This is a great one! If you have a Trello Card which focuses on a project or task that you don’t want to think about for a few days or weeks, the Card Snooze Power Up allows you to snooze it.

Clicking the Snooze Button on the Card will remove it from the Board until the time you set it to reappear. This can reduce the clutter on your Board and allow you to focus on your priorities. So helpful for your productivity!

Google Drive

This is such a useful Power Up! With this Power Up enabled, you can create a new Google Folder or Google File directly from a Card, without the need to go directly into Google Drive. Then that file or folder is attached to the Card so it’s easy to find. It’s like magic!

You can also search for files and folders in your Google Drive without leaving your Trello Board. You can then attach the desired file and folder to your board. 


If you want a simple CRM which integrates with other applications, this is a great low-cost choice.

Crmble allows you to see the leads in your pipeline. It also displays all of the relevant information, such as lead source, monetary value and client progress, at a glance.

Crumble also integrates beautifully with Google Forms, Gmail, and Typeform. If you need to link Crmble with another app, it works brilliantly with Zapier. For example, you could set up a Zap so when a lead books a call in via Calendly, they will be entered into your Crmble CRM with the relevant information attached to the Card.

Getting Started With Power Ups

Start off by adding one simple Power Up (the Calendar Power Up is a great starter choice) and take it from there. 

Have a look through the various Power Ups that are available here and think about which ones would work well for your set up.

Need Power Up Help?

If you’d like to spend an hour together, working on your Trello Boards and adding Power Ups which would work well for you, book a Power Hour with me today!