Have you ever said the following:

“There’s no point doing anything as I’ve a meeting in 15 minutes.”

“I haven’t got time to start that new task because I have to do the school run in half an hour.”

“10 minutes isn’t long enough to start anything.”

If you say something like this every day, you’re probably wasting even more than an hour a week…

Food for thought?

So, what can you do instead?

1. Write a list of tasks that only take 10-15 minutes. Things like:

✔️ Write a quick Social Media post – a 3 liner or a question

✔️Reply to an email

✔️ Leave a client a voicenote

✔️Clear out a folder on your desktop. Or your Downloads Folder 🙊

✔️ Tidy out a desk drawer

2. Keep the list on your Trello board (or the system that you use for your To Dos) titled ‘15 minute jobs’. Whenever you get one of those Odd 15 Minutes in your day, complete something from the list.

3. Keep a record of the jobs that you have completed during those little pockets of time and celebrate. You will find that it really adds up and makes a difference.

You may also find that you have other Pockets of Time during the week that you’re not using wisely and productively.

⭐ Travelling time

⭐ Time when children are at clubs or classes

⭐ When you’re on hold for a help line or the doctors

What could you do during that time?

I use my little girl’s Drama Club time to do One 45 Minute Task and her Dance Class to do a 30 Minute Task.

Travelling time (as long as I’m not driving!) I use for Social Media Engagement or listening to a training video or replying to emails.

Without burning yourself out by Never Having Breaks, what opportunities do you have during the week to utilise More Pockets of Time?

I offer 90 minute One to One Sessions where we can really delve deep into where you can find more time in your week, start utilising your time more effectively and get things running so much more smoothly. You’ll come away with a detailed Plan of Action! Find out more here.