A is for Attachments

You can add a file, image, link or URL to your card and also add another Trello card or board as an attachment.

Did you know that you can just click and drag a file or URL to your card?

B is for Board

You might have One Board, while others might have 75 Boards…

The Board is like a giant ‘space’ or whiteboard full of virtual post it-notes which can be moved from one list to another.

A board can be as simple or as complex as you’d like!

C is for Cards (or it could be for Checklists or Chrome Extensions actually – but let’s not go crazy).

Cards are where all the information is stored! Cards can have one word or many words – they can have pictures and files – and they can be assigned to other people to do (hurrah!).

You can also make your entire card a different colour to really make it stand out. Go to ‘Cover’ and pick a colour and choose the right hand side option in ‘Size’ – and your whole card changes colour!

D is for Due Dates

You can assign a Due Date to a card and set up a reminder at the time of the Due Date – or before it is due.

Trello also has the option of adding a Start Date to a Card – which is useful for projects that run over a certain length of time.

E is for Edit

You can easily edit the title of a card by clicking ‘T’ while the card is open.

If you edit the description of a card, don’t forget to click ‘Save’!

You can also format the text in your description – adding underline, bold and header text. If you click Formatting help just underneath the description, there are lots of handy tips and tricks.

F is for Filter

Simply press F when your board is open and the Filter menu will appear.

You can filter by labels, members and (due) date.

Don’t forget to clear the search when you’re finished or you might wonder where all your cards went!

If you press ‘F’ for filter and then put ‘*’ in the search box, it will show you how many cards there are in each list.

G is for Google Drive

While you can easily attach files from Google Drive without the Power Up, when you activate the Google Drive Power Up, you can create a new Google Drive file or folder directly form a Trello Card. Handy!!!

H is for Help

If you click on your photo or initials in the top right hand corner, there is a Help section.

Or you may want someone to handhold you through getting started with Trello and setting up some systems and showing your its full potential.

Which is exactly what I can do in a Power Hour!

I is for Integrations

You can Integrate Trello with all sorts of different applications – with Integrations or Power-Ups and also by using a tool such as Zapier to connect Trello to another application.

Some of the most popular Integrations are:

🖱️ Slack
🖱️ Google Drive
🖱️ Dropbox
🖱️ Evernote
🖱️ Microsoft Teams

J is for Join

✔️ It’s really easy to Join Trello and sign up for an account.
✔️ You can join in on boards with other people easily
✔️ You can ‘join’ boards or cards together really easily

You can join a board when someone either adds you or sends you an invite. To invite someone to join you in collaborating on a task or project, simply click on invite at the top of a board and send them a link – or add them using their email address or Trello username.

K is for Keyboard Shortcuts

 There are lots of these!!

Click M for Members
Click D for Due Dates
Click L for Labels
Click F for Filters

One of my favourites – use the Space Bar to quickly assign yourself to a card.

I have a PDF of shortcuts to download – grab your copy here!

L is for Labels

 You can assign different categories to a card using the Labels function. This not only makes the cards look nice but it helps you filter out certain categories.

Did you know there is also a colour-blind friendly mode too? Go down to the bottom of the labels to enable it.

M is for Members

Trello makes it really easy to work with others.

You can invite others to a team and you can also invite them to individual boards.

It’s easy to draw somebody’s attention to a card by either clicking on Members and choosing them, or by clicking ‘@’ and mentioning (a) certain member(s)

You can also see who is assigned to which card by filtering by member.

N is for New

You can easily create a new board or Workspace by clicking the Create Button in the top right hand corner.

You can also easily insert a new list by double clicking in the small space between two lists and insert a new card anywhere in a list by double clicking between two cards.

O is for OneDrive

Files and images can easily be attached from OneDrive – or by using the OneDrive Power Up.

You can also attach files directly from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

Click and drag a file, image or URL over to your Trello board in order to easily create a card – or you can drag it over to a specific card.

P is for Power Up

Power Ups can help you show a Calendar view, make Trello a CRM or put costs on a card (amongst other things!).

Some of my favourites are:

🧨 Cronofy
🧨 Costello
🧨 Google Drive
🧨 Crmble

Q is for Quick Ways to Do Things!

There are lots of shortcuts on Trello.

If you want to ‘Quickly’ see only the cards on a board that are assigned to yourself, click the ‘Q’ key. To get all the cards on the boards back – click it again!!

For more shortcuts, download my shortcuts PDF – the link is in my bio

R is for Rules

You can set up Rules on Trello so that Trello does most of the clicking for you!

Rules can automatically add cards to your boards, move a card, add checklists, change the due date and just be your best friend!

Check out what Automation in Trello can do for you – it’s pretty impressive!

S is for Sharing

You can share a board or card’s link pretty easily with other, manually (or also on e.g. Microsoft Teams or Slack).

Click on Share on a card and you will find a unique email address for that card. This allows you to keep relevant emails within a specific card.

T is for Template

You can easily make a card into a template, then make another card from it by clicking ‘Create card from template at the top of the card. You can easily see on the front of a card which ones are templates.

You can also create a template checklist, simply by naming a specific checklist and then when you create a new one, select ‘copy items from’ and pick the Checklist from that specific card

U is for Undo

To Undo the last action you performed on a board, click ‘Z’.

Also, if you accidentally archive a card (easily done) – to get it back, click on the menu, then more to find your lost card! You can also switch to lists at the top if you need to get a list back.

V is for View

You can view cards by going to your profile picture or initials in the top right and Clicking on ‘Cards’.

Then you can make choices over sorting by board or due date, showing cards from all boards or just a particular Workspace and when cards have been ‘active’.

W is for Watch

When you watch something on Trello, you get notifications about the activity that takes place. You can choose to ‘watch’ an entire board, list or card.

You know that you are ‘watching’ a board, card or list as you will see a little eye appear.

If you are assigned to a card, the little eye (and the fact that you are watching that card) will automatically appear.

X is for Xero (or Quickbooks!!)

You can connect your Accountancy Software up to your Trello Account using a piece of software such as Zapier or Automate.

So, you could set it up so that when you create a new client in Xero, a new card appears on your ‘new client’ board in Trello…

The possibilities are endless!

Y is for Yellow (or green, or orange or purple….)

Not only can you add these colours to your cards as labels, but you can make the top of your card a certain colour or the whole card a certain colour. You can do this by clicking on ‘cover’ on your card.

You can also add an image, or upload your own.

Z is for Zapier

Zapier and Trello work hand in hand with each other perfectly.

For example, you can set up a Zap, so that if you star an email in Gmail, it creates a new card in Trello in a certain list, on a certain board. Clever?

It certainly gets those pesky emails out of the inbox and dealt with.

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