You may have heard of Time Blocking and how it can be highly effective for managing your time and fitting in everything you need to across your week.

But why does it work so well? And how do we actually do it?

Our brains don’t react very well to flitting from task to task. And spending 20 minutes here and there doesn’t always work out well for us. Our brain is still trying to extract itself from the last task while we’re forcing it into something else.

Which is why doing ‘like with like’ is such a great way of working. Not only can we ‘get our teeth’ into something – but our brains aren’t saying to us ‘hang on a second, I was doing Task A and I’m not quite extracted from there!’


 ⭐ Grab a piece of paper or (ideally an online calendar)

 ⭐ Plot in all the non-negotiables (school runs/family commitments/exercise/self care/pets)

 ⭐ Consider boundaries (e.g. if you want Fridays to do admin and not see clients, let’s make it happen!)

 ⭐Look at the BIG spaces of time that you have left and plot in all the different areas of your business such as:

 ✔️Social Media





 ✔️Client Contact

Play around with it. Have fun with it. Colour code it. Move stuff around. Tweak it.

I promise it will change the way you work. Let me know how you get on.

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