What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Traditionally, a pomodoro session is 25 minutes, because it’s the perfect length of time to focus on ONE task. And also it means you can section your time into 30 minute blocks (with a 25 minute pomodoro session and a 5 minute break).

However, a pomodoro session can be longer (and in fact, I prefer them at 50-55 minutes…) but we are all different and should definitely find our own rhythm with it.

So, why does it work so well?

⭐ You’re setting an intention

⭐ There’s a time frame

⭐ You can do it anywhere (I wrote this blog in a pomodoro session in the pub, with a lemonade and garlic bread for company…)

⭐ You’re holding yourself accountable – or you can do Pomodoro with others (see below…)

How does it work?

This is how I find it works best:

✏ Switch off notifications on phone/computer/watch

✏ Only have the internet browsers open that you need (close your email browser!)

✏ State your intention (either to your Accountability Buddy – or write it down, on paper, a whiteboard, on Trello – ANYWHERE!! 😉)

✏ Do The Thing you intended to do

✏ Celebrate your achievement with a 5-10 minute break!

What should we do in our 5-10 minute breaks?

📒 Stretch

📒 Put the kettle on

📒 Dance around a bit

In short, step away from the computer (and phone) These breaks should not be ‘scrolling through Facebook feed’ breaks ideally!


And if you prefer some accountability, do Pomodoro with a friend.

Jump on a Zoom and state your intentions at the start. Mute and get on with your tasks and then at the end, tell your friend what you managed to achieve!

There are even special sites where you can book a session with another person to stay accountable to. Focusmate is a good one, where you can get 3 sessions a week on the free account.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!