1:1 Mentoring

Is faffing around stopping you from moving forward in your business?

You want to optimise each business day but instead you spend each day:

❌ Looking for files, images, documents, emails, messages, contact details…

❌ Scrolling through social media, looking for inspiration

❌ Flitting from task to task, never getting a single goal finished off.

You know that, unless you sort this out, you will never grow your business or your income.

Despite having the best of intentions, you just can’t figure this out.

You’ve been to a Masterclass, listened to podcasts and read the Self Help books…

Let me help you.


Imagine if you could:

⭐ Wake up each day, knowing what you were doing that day (rather than spending the first hour of the day faffing).

⭐Free yourself from your email inbox and your phone addiction.

⭐ Start to delegate some of your business, as it no longer lives in the deepest, darkest corners of your brain (or on the back of envelopes).

⭐Take time off, knowing that you have planned ahead for it.

And I’m going to mentor you ONE TO ONE through getting your business S.O.R.T.E.D

We’ll tackle:

✅ Social Media Planning

✅ Organisational Tools

✅ Routine

✅ Time-blocking

✅ Email Automation

✅ Diary Management

Your business will be Organised, Efficient and Effective.

I was part of Louise’s “mini-mind” earlier this year and it was a great experience.

I’m not a very organised person (to say the least!) but Louise’s calm, supportive manner, as well as giving flexible ideas if something wasn’t working for me was amazing in helping me develop my own productivity “rules and tools”.
There are a couple of things which have revolutionised my day-to-day experience since being part of the group – but I’m not going to say what they are in case I give away her secrets 🙂
If you’re looking to explore productivity in a fun, flexible way I couldn’t recommend Louise more highly!
Charlotte Dover

How it works:

👍You’ll receive support through Weekly 1:1 calls, identifying your blocks and discovering the best ways of working for you.

👍 I’m available for oodles of Accountability via email or Voxer. I’ll be right there in your pocket to keep you on track.

👍 You’ll receive strategies to put in place, whether this is automating, outsourcing or time-blocking, I’ll support you right through the implementation.


This is for you if:


 ✅You are wasting so much time each day, and you’re feeling frustrated.

The thought of creating systems in your business leaves you in a mild panic – and you have no idea where to start.

You know that a One Size Fits All approach won’t work with you – but you need accountability, support and strategy to propel you forward.

You really want to grow your business, but you know that you cannot do it until you have systems in place.


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Are you ready to grow your business and get control?

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This has been truly amazing in helping me get everything in my business organised and into one space. I feel I can find things much easier now and know what processes I need to do and when!


Having a functioning CRM is so helpful too as I can keep track of all my clients and my leads and make sure I follow up with them and nurture them regularly.